Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Mild Live As You Like It with Naif, 23 May 2009 @ Bali

Yeahhhhhh!!!! A Mild As You Like It were strikes in Bali.....
So i have many crazy things in Bali......heheheheh!
A Mild As You Like It is a new concept of music concert from A Mild. It's came up with one band, and they invite only about 500 guest to watch they favorite band playing on stage.
Naif, one of the famous band in Indonesia performed that night. Naif played with accoustic set. Crowd seems happy with this concert, they sit comfy like in own their guest room.
Everyone can do anything with the band.....So can you imagine what happened with Naif there?!
Absolutelly crazy!! David, Emil, Jarwo and Pepeng.....they're really kicked some ass X)

SID Interview, 20 May 2009 @ Sony BMG

It was my great interview with Superman Is Dead..... A lot of laugh =)
We're talking about many things...about SID for sure....And i just love to do those things with Bobby, Eka and Jerinx. Thanx guys, i like it a lot our picture eheheheh =P

Superman is Dead Party, 19 May 2009 @ Prost! Beer House Kemang

Superman Is Dead, the band from Bali bring the heat into us!!
They really makes The Outsiders (fanbase) sing all night long. SID will be doing the tour in USA in June 2009. They gonna rock the "Vans Warped Tour 2009" and a bunch of concert in "From Bali with Rock Tour". 
On the "Angels & The Outsiders" Launching party at Prost Beer House, they came out with all stuff from the album. SID also bring their friends, band from Jogjakarta, Shaggy Dog, to performing their collaboration song called "Jika Kami Bersama". Congrats for SID!!!

Everybody Loves Irene & Monkey To Millionare, 23 march 2009 @ Prost! Beer House Kemang